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Query Your Stripe Transactions in English

Power Your Marketing Emails with Stripe Data

Ask your Stripe data questions in simple English and automate your email marketing campaigns with the results.

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Key Features

Explore What Hunchbank Can Do.

Hunchbank's advanced analytics tools help you uncover data-driven insights to drive your business forward.


Advanced Analytics

Query your Stripe transactions in English not SQL



Connect your Stripe account smoothly for seamless email campaign data analysis



Automatically schedule email campaigns to customers based on transaction insights



Get instant updates and insights to fuel your email marketing strategies

Hunchbank vs. Stripe Sigma

Feature Hunchbank Stripe Sigma
No SQL required – query in plain English
Automated data analysis for email insights
Easy and seamless Stripe integration
Automate personalized email campaigns
Straightforward affordable pricing
Customizable email reports

Trying to make sense of your Stripe data?

No SQL? No Problem

Example Queries You Can Run on Hunchbank for Email Campaigns:

"Which customers haven't patronized us in 3 months?"

"What are our most popular subscription plans?"

"Which products are frequently purchased together?"

"What were the top-selling products in Q1?"

Query and results

Frequently asked questions

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What is Hunchbank?
Hunchbank simplifies Stripe transaction analysis to power data-driven email campaigns without SQL skills.
How does Hunchbank work?
Hunchbank connects to your Stripe account, analyzing transactions to inform smarter email marketing decisions.
Do I need SQL knowledge to use Hunchbank?
No SQL required! Hunchbank lets anyone analyze transaction data for email campaigns using plain English questions.
Can I customize and automate email communications with Hunchbank?
Yes, with Hunchbank, automate personalized emails to customers based on buying habits.
Is my data secure with Hunchbank?
Hunchbank ensures Stripe data security with strong encryption and adheres to top privacy standards.
How can Hunchbank benefit my email marketing?
Hunchbank helps you understand your transaction data to spot trends and opportunities for more effective email campaigns.

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Make Sense of Your Stripe Transactions
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Unlock the power of plain English queries and simplify your business transactions and revenue analysis for data-driven email marketing. Maximize your revenue and stop leaving money on the table.